Scerelli. We wire in since 1970.

The wire drawing factory Scerelli Srl was born in 1970 in Annone di Brianza, in the north of Italy, as a manufacturer of cold-drawn low-carbon steel. Professionalism, commitment, and continuous technological innovation make Scerelli a perfect business partner in matters of wire products. Expertise and skills of the technical, operative and commercial personnel offer significant added value for the quality of the goods produced. Since the nineties, the new "heat treatment" department was created to meet the growing demand for treatments of special steels, which nowadays are required to have mechanical properties that provide for increased workability, for the automotive and fasteners markets.

Scerelli's business philosophy ensures that full attention is devoted to:
- Quality control of incoming raw materials, certified to the European standards;
- Surface preparation of metals for the follow-up working;
- Continuous monitoring during the production process, and at finished products;
- Packaging and packing;
- Control of the final mechanical properties provided by acceptance certificate;
- Delivery of goods, which takes place on time in all Italian and European regions.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment can change the structural and strength characteristics of metals and metal alloys, to make them more suitable for the intermediate or final use.
The definition of "heat treatment" refers to the operations of heating, with a temperature always below the melting point or at melting range, followed by a controlled cooling, which tend to produce a structural change.

Drawn wire

The production includes a range of products from 1.00 mm to 12.00 mm in diameter, and is able to satisfy a wide range of applications and requests.
Scerelli offers different types of packages to meet customer needs.

- Drawn wire

- Black annealed drawn wire




TRAFILERIA SCERELLI via XXV Aprile, 22 - 23841 Annone Brianza (LC) – tel. +39 0341 577167 - fax +39 0341 579427 - info@trafileriascerelli.it – www.trafileriascerelli.it -  P.I./C.F. 01721730131

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