Heat treatment can change the structural and strength characteristics of metals and metal alloys, to make them more suitable for the intermediate or final use. The definition of "heat treatment" refers to the operations of heating, with a temperature always below the melting point or at melting range, followed by a controlled cooling, which tend to produce a structural change.

The best technology in the heat treatment field for rolls of rolled steel is guaranteed by:

- Continuous monitoring of the entire production process
- Technologically advanced plants
- Technical qualification of the personnel.

Scerelli Srl is able to perform the following heat treatments:
- Stress-free annealing
- Recrystallization annealing
- Soft annealing or subcritical annealing
- Complete globular annealing.

- Bases diameter 3600 mm for 20 tons
- Bases diameter 4200 mm for 30 tons
- Bases 3000x6000 mm for 40 tons.

- Structural steel
- Steel for quenching and tempering
- Case-hardening steel
- Steel for cold stamping
- Free cutting steel
- Steel for chains
- Steel for the production of welding wire.

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